Smart Cincy -      At A Glance

Smart Cincy is a public-private-partnership in Cincinnati, OH that was founded in 2016. hosts an annual summit to showcase local efforts and to shine a light on available resources, addressable opportunity areas, and industry best-practices for smart city development.

Smart Cincy is on a mission to help Cincinnati government agencies, communities, and businesses leverage smart technologies, policies, and strategies to make Cincinnati a better place to live, work, and visit - for all people, regardless of socioeconomic or physical barriers.


Billions of Dollars in Opportunity

New jobs, investments, businesses, and opportunities are already sprouting out of the young-but-growing Smart Cincy ecosystem driven by projects that help leaders cut costs, generate revenue, and create more value for residents.


Hundreds of Active Organizations

Government agencies, businesses of all sizes, startups, nonprofits, academic and research institutions and community groups are all well represented in the Smart Cincy community. 


Dozens of Pilot Projects and Programs

Solutions deployed and proposed bolster social mobility and spark economic development without alienating already strained municipal budgets.


Smart Cincy -  Focus Areas

Smart Cincy is an acitive particpant in the NIST GCTC Global City Teams Challenge and is actively supporting more than a dozen programs and pilots dedicated to using smart technologies, policies, and strategies to address challenges across a number of verticals.


Defeating the digital divide

Leadership is proudly working with local governments, educational institutions, and internet service providers to provide devices, network connectivity, and digital literacy training to students of all ages throughout Greater Cincinnati's tri-state region.

Cyber Security And Public Safety

Advances in technology and the Internet of Things can promote public safety, but they can also create vulnerabilities in privacy and security. Smart Cincy is working with local, state, federal, and industry and academic leaders to get ahead of emerging threats on and offline. 

Social mobility and Economic Development

As we improve our neighborhoods, we must give residents the tools to realize success as to not be pushed out of their homes. We can enable our most at need residents, empowering our communities, sparking local economic growth, and supporting workforce needs of the growing business community by giving residents equitable access to education and upward mobility opportunities. 


Connected and Autonomous Transportation

Helping local agencies understand and deploy smart and connected transportation solutions, including autonomous vehicle projects. Eventually, smart mobility corridors will move people and good seamlessly throughout the region.

Education and Workforce Development

As the digital transformation continues to pick up pace it is imperative that we equip our students, educators, and training providers with the insights and tools they need to support and develop the workforce of the future. Smart Cincy is active in supporting tech programs and mentorship efforts for learners of all ages.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Smart and connected technologies can immediately help agencies and organizations monitor and mitigate environmental hazards, impact, and vulnerabilities from things like vehicle or factory emmissions and water or air alerts. Promoting environmental and economic sustainability is a part of the Smart Cincy resilience plan.


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The Smart Cincy Summit Returns Spring 2020


The Smart Cincy Summit combines speakers and presenters, planning workshops, and focused panel sessions exploring active smart cities efforts and opportunities in and around Cincinnati, OH and the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana region.


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