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Smart Cincy

Connectivity • Mobility • Resilience


100% Connected, 100% Mobile by 2021

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"Beyond city limits..."

Smart Cities reach beyond municipal boundaries. They use technology and the Internet of Things to create better places to work, live, and visit. They provide equitable access to opportunities and resources regardless of socioeconomic or geographical barriers, driving social mobility and economic development supported by inclusive innovation and community collaboration. In Greater Cincinnati these ideas are guiding efforts in creating a standards-driven, people-focused smart region.


In April, over 300 leaders gathered over three days for the first Smart Cincy Summit that launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. This Fall, leaders from around the country will join at the Smart Regions Conference to explore Smart Regional Strategies.




Beyond Municipal Limits

Smart Cincy is a Regional Smart Cities Initaitive supported by leaders throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana


Smart City Development Goals

100% Connected, 100% Mobile by 2021. But that's just the start!

Interoperability, resilience, and equity are ingrained into all things Smart Cincy.

More details coming soon about Smart Cincy Development Goals, the fund for project support and grant matching, and the community impact initiative. Stay tuned!


Leadership and Funding

Led by community, business, government, and academic leaders from across the Greater Cincinnati Region spanning Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.


2018 Leadership Committees Announced Soon!


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