[You're invited!] Attend: Smart Cincy Summit on April 25th

smart cincy summit regional smart cities initiative

You’ve probably heard of “smart cities.” Conversations about how technology can improve our quality of life are taking place in cities across the globe. In many cases, those conversations have been focused on the here and now -- that is, the present day and in our own respective backyards.

Think about how quickly technology has advanced in just the last decade. How will technology transform our way of life in the next five years? How about the next ten? Is our region ready for what’s coming?

It’s time for us to start thinking ahead -- and beyond our municipal boundaries. That’s what we’ll be discussing at the Smart Cincy Summit, and we want you to be part of the conversation.

The Smart Cincy Summit will bring together government and business leaders from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to begin a dialogue on how we can use smart planning to create a more livable region. The goal of the Smart Cincy Summit is to bring cohesiveness to the conversation about technology’s role in the future of our region. The Summit will culminate with the launch of the Regional Smart Cities Initiative and the establishment of our country’s first Smart Region.

Our region will help establish a model for Smart Regions by focusing efforts around Smart Cities solutions in the four pillars of smart growth: Connectivity, Mobility, Security, and Sustainability. Regional, collaborative efforts will cohesively launch with The Smart Cincy Summit and a week of planned events:

  • Who? Government officials, business leaders, and interested stakeholders throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

  • What? Thought Leadership summit moving the Smart Cities conversation forward around shared regional interests and smart solutions.

  • When? April 25, 2017.

  • Where? Union Hall, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

  • Why? To align, highlight, and educate regional stakeholders, leverage available resources, and prompt smart action around the four pillars of Smart Cities: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability.

Some guest speakers already committed to the event include Cintrufuse CEO Wendy Lea, Cisco Systems CTO Greg Akers, and Rhonda Binda, former deputy director of the U.S. State Department. Along with several other high-profile speakers, we already have commitments from numerous, notable subject-matter experts to participate in panel discussions focused on the four pillars of smart growth.  

These decisions can't be made in a vacuum. The core argument of the Regional Smart Cities Initiative is that we're stronger when we work together. Your attendance would be a welcome addition to what already promises to be a pivotal moment for our region.

Thoughts? Questions? Email hello@smartcincy.or or chime in on Twitter @SmartCincy.