[Smart Cincy] City of Cincinnati releases downtown WiFi RFP

The City of Cincinnati took another step this week on its path to becoming a Smart City. On Thursday, January 11th it released the RFP to four qualified respondents following the Spring 'Smart Cincy RFI' release. The project  is titled " DEPLOYMENT OF Wi-Fi AND/OR WIRELINE BROADBAND SYSTEMS THROUGHOUT THE CITY OF CINCINNATI: SMART CITIES INITIATIVE PHASE 1.

Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black at Venture Smarter's 'Smart Regions Conference' on October 25th, 2017.

Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black at Venture Smarter's 'Smart Regions Conference' on October 25th, 2017.


Over the past year, the City of Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black has led a comprehensive effort to bring together community members and leaders around a vision of building a smarter Cincinnati, and those dedicated pursuits are coming to a head. Recent efforts include announcing a downtown fiber ring, collaborating with Cintrifuse to release an RFP for an integrated 'Smart Mobility App,' and now this RFP following an initial RFI release last spring that calls for downtown broadband and wireless solutions to better connect the city's residents and guests to people, places, things, and information. This, of course, is all on top of stellar performance from the Office of Data and Performance Analytics in launching open data tools, and several other agencies across the city using technology as a tool to replace or optimize systems and infrastructure - even in the sewers!

The vision for a better urban future is shared by leadership at the University of Cincinnati, where working groups and research clusters have formed around smart cities topics such as sensor and IoT, data and analytics, transportation and mobility, public safety, cyber-security, environment and sustainability, water, and urban planning, to name a few. That outlook on the future is also reciprocated in the business community - from startups to top fortune enterprises. In fact, leaders from Cincinnati's business community came together to create the standard for smart planning: IEEE-SA P2784 - The Guide to the Technology and Policy to Build A Smart City. The 'Smart Cincy' business community represents more than 750 organizations, and is deeply invested and engaged in building smart and connected communities.  

Interested in getting involved with a Smart Cincy Community Working Group or learning more about the public-private-partnership? Get in touch!

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