Round-table recap: smart cities are safe cities

The tragic mass shooting that took place Saturday at Cameo Nightclub is a jarring reminder of the importance of the smart cities pillar of security. Public safety is now top of mind in Cincinnati, and the Regional Smart Cities Initiative and its supporters must lead the conversation about how technology can make our city a safer place to live and work. To that end:

• We will plan a community town hall that looks at public safety through the lens of smart cities. Our goal will be to educate and engage stakeholders, including public and law enforcement officials, on technology’s role in making our city safer and creating better outcomes;

• Our solutions-oriented approach will include the prioritization of public safety opportunities. We will explore the possibility of leveraging existing resources, including those owned by businesses and private individuals (such as cameras); 

• We’ll also harness the power of our city’s start-up and maker communities to brainstorm solutions in managed innovation sessions, such as hackathons; 

• Our efforts must project altruism, ie. a selfless desire to make positive changes. The Cameo incident, pedestrians being struck by vehicles, abductions, and heroin overdoses are all areas of concern to varying degrees. We won’t point fingers – we’ll focus on better outcomes as a collaborative.

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