Pipeline pitches: meet the startups focused on clean water tech

These startups are focused on clean water in the first world and developing world, alike. It is estimated that the demand for water will surpass the supply as early as 2025 creating opportunity for the budding entrepreneur to tap it.
We joined Pipeline H2O at Union Hall in Over the Rhine for the March Smart Cities Round-table event.

We joined Pipeline H2O at Union Hall in Over the Rhine for the March Smart Cities Round-table event.

Pipeline H2O's clean water accelerator program is the brainchild of The Hamilton Mill from The City of Hamilton, OH where they treat the City as a Lab to compress the time to realization of smart city implementations that help to improve the quality of life for residents and guests. They also have some of the best water on earth.

On March 15th we were happy to host a smart cities round-table event with the team at Hamilton Mill and Pipeline H2O. Discussion points included Regional Smart Cities Initiatives and clean water efforts throughout the region. As guests devoured pizza and drank Hamilton's finest bottled water, the cohort members working through Pipeline's first class pitched their businesses to the audience that included local and state officials, academic and business leaders, and interested community members.

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Here is a list of the Pipeline H2O startups:

1. AguaClara (Ithaca, NY) is a social enterprise that designs nonelectric municipal scale water treatment technologies that are sustainable in underserved communities. Founder Maysoon Sharif. 

2. ANDalyze (Champaign, IL) has developed DNA-enzyme sensors to bring real-time water testing to the field. Chief Marketing Officer Marty Dugan. 

3. kW River Hydroelectric (Hamilton, OH) has developed a unique technology to extract renewable energy from thousands of lowlevel dams in an environmentally friendly manner that makes the dams safer. Founder Paul Kling. 

4. PowerTech Water (Lexington, KY) has developed a disruptive technology platform to clean and purify water. The platform removes salts, corrosive minerals, and toxic materials without the need for costly membranes, high pressure pumps, chemicals or any consumables. Founder Cameron Lippert. 

5. Searen (Cincinnati, OH) is revolutionizing water-dependent industries with vacuum air-lift technology that is simple and versatile and harnesses the power of nature while streamlining water treatment. Founder Emmanuel Briquet.

6. WaterStep (Louisville, KY) has developed the "WOW" - "Water on Wheels" mobile unit that provides a rapid response mini-water treatment solution in the case of emergencies or disasters. Founder Mark Hogg. 

7. WEL Enterprise (Covington, KY) has developed the first ever system to handle all treatment and reclamation of wastewater on one platform. The system saves significant costs and volumes in water consumption, sewage production and surcharges associated with pollution. Founder Katrina Eckard. 

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