Frontier Founder Forum: Smart Cities (Wednesday, April 26 at Union Hall)

On Wednesday, April 26th, Smart Cincy Summit festivities will come to a close as community day programming will be inclusive of speakers and panels, forums and receptions, and plenty of smart cities conversations. On the evening of Wednesday 26th Smart Cincy and partner organizations will join Founder Institute at Union Hall for the final bit of summit programming.

Founder Institute will host the Frontier Founder Smart Cities Forum and leaders will announce the Smart Cincy Fellowship program that will be inclusive of Founder Institute scholarships and resources for emerging entrepreneurs looking to tackle smart city challenges.

When? Wednesday, April 26th (6:30pm)
Where? Union Hall (Main Hall - 1311 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202)
Who? Founder Institute and friends
What? Forum, reception, refreshments and networking
Why? Catalyze entrepreneurial efforts through the lens of smart cities
How? Thanks to partners and sponsors

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See the original announcement and post below from Founder Institute:

Cincinnati is rapidly becoming a front runner in the smart cities conversation. Founder Institute Cincinnati is happy to support the upcoming Smart Cincy Summit on April 25-26.

Smart Cincy will be awarding a Fellowship to the upcoming Founder Institute Cincinnati semester, which waives tuition and course fees to a rising star entrepreneur passionate about solving problems relating to the smart cities pillars: Connectivity, Mobility, Security and Sustainability.

On Wednesday, April 26, Founder Institute Cincinnati and Smart Cincy will be hosting a Frontier Founders Forum. Presenters include Zack Huhn, CEO Venture Smarter, and Jon Salisbury, CTO Nexigen. They will be discussing the Smart Cincy and smart cities landscape, including the opportunities for founders to build companies by solving large scale social issues.

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