Smart Cincy Challenges Open Source Local Problem Solving

Smart Cincy is an organization comprising public and private stakeholders from across the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region committed to smart growth. Collaboration, not competition. Smart Cincy Challenges aim to allow residents to target addressable opportunity areas throughout the Greater Cincinnati Region with proposals inclusive of smart city solutions rooted in the four pillars of smart cities: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability.

You may solve for one of the example problem sets (beginning February 23rd) or submit your own problem set and proposed challenge to be reviewed on or before February 22nd. Questions? Email

The quick pitch:

Identify a problem. Propose a challenge. Ideate and submit a solution. [Winners] present at Smart Cincy Summit where they may qualify for resources to bring said ideas to life with support from regional organizations.

Example set:

74,000 jobs are inaccessible because of poor public transportation solutions. Challenge: use smart mobility solutions to connect job seekers with jobs without burdening weak municipal budgets -- describe or show how your solution works and what it looks like.

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