3 Takeaways from Smart Cincy Community Day 2018

At the Second Annual Smart Cincy Community Day, community and neighborhood development groups explored existing programs and efforts that are working to connect Cincinnati residents to digital access and transportation/transit options that are inclusive, equitable, and very much needed.

Ahead of the forum guests heard from leaders at Smart Cincy, Powernet, Avondale Development Corporation, Friends of the African Union, and Better Bus Coalition to kick of the event ahead of an open community discussion where a consensus was reached about a need to ensure residents and neighborhood groups are properly engaged and included when it comes to planning smart city efforts.


  1. Community engagement and education must lead smart city planning efforts
  2. Smart City and tech-driven solutions should promote inclusivity as to create opportunities for all residents, not widen the socioeconomic gap between them
  3. Cincinnati's most pressing needs such as mobility, digital access, and workforce and education disparaties can all be immediately and significantly addressed by Smart Cities programs that are already in the works - but it will not happen without community driven collaboration and transparent dealings with all stakeholders involved

Monthly community engagement and outreach efforts will continue, and those that are interested in getting involved in efforts related to defeating the digital divide, improving equitable mobility solutions, and supporting education and workforce development efforts should reach out to us at hello@smartcincy.org to learn more about becoming a part of the Smart Cincy working group and collaboration community.

Here are a few pictures from the community day session that was hosted at the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments Board Room: