3 Takeaways from the April Smart Region Meeting [Smart Cincy]

Zack Huhn at the April Smart Cincy / Smart Region Meeting

Executives from leading regional agencies, organizations, and economic development groups joined Venture Smarter, UC, and Cintrifuse at the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments to align around one, cohesive ‘Smart Cincy’ coalition that can raise awareness and garner support from state and national leaders in an effort to shine a bright light on emerging efforts across the Greater Cincinnati region. Organizations represented included: Greater Cincinnati Foundation, REDI, Cincy USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, and about a dozen other groups ranging from the City of Cincinnati Office of Data and Performance Analytics to CVG International Airport. The group will continue to meet to create an OKI specific definition of ‘smart city/smart region,’ and to identify collaboration opportunities to expedite existing and emerging development efforts around shared goals.

Leadership from Drive Ohio was able to attend and walked away from the meeting with a new understanding of just how much Cincinnati has to offer as it relates to research, development, and implementation of developing smart mobility solutions and using technology to solve problems for residents. 


  1. Greater Cincinnati has a lot to offer, and many challenges to solve. With that said, smart cities efforts should be aimed at addressing our most pressing regional needs in education, workforce, transportation, public health, and quality of life
  2. Better coordination and collaboration can help better tell the Smart Cincy story so we can pursue opportunities competitively that have been missed historically. Active efforts from the airport to the Uptown Innovation Corridor could lean in on collaborators to knowledge share, resource share, and generally support efforts with deeper regional impact
  3. Group leaders agreed that by using Connectivity, Mobility, and Resilience as planning pillars, we can begin streamline collaborative conversations and efforts rooted in smart growth. 

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