Smart Cincy Community Day - 1 Week Away!

Smart Cincy Summit 2018 - Smart Cities Community Day

Ahead of the Second Annual Smart Cincy Summit, government, academic, business, and community leaders will meet to discuss moving forward together to build a smarter Greater Cincinnati Region with a focus on equity and problem solving. ‘Smart Cincy Community Day’ will happen on Wednesday, April 25th beginning at 530pm at the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments board room. Free registration and more information can be found here.

In the City of Cincinnati, the Smart Cincy public-private-partnership was launched to take a community-driven approach as it relates to digital transformation efforts across the city and region. From its inception the organization set out to use technology as a tool to improve people’s lives - regardless of socioeconomic or physical barriers. Leaders and community members have come together to explore - and now act on - making Greater Cincinnati a better place to live, work, and visit by leveraging new technologies, strategies, and community engagement efforts.

But people come first. The very ethos of the smart city movement revolves around creating equitable places to live, work, and visit. About improving the quality of life for residents and visitors. About creating new opportunities for residents and businesses to thrive. This means that smart city leaders aim to tackle even the most uncomfortable challenges that face our communities - ranging from digital divide and limited mobility access to public health and workforce development. Cincinnati business leaders, public officials, and community members have been vocal at the state and national level driving these very conversations forward.

But outdated policies, siloed departments and organizations, and strained government budgets are among the many obstacles that we must navigate together. Following the community day, leaders will reconvene at the Second Annual Smart Cincy Summit where announcements will be made about Smart Cincy projects, pilots, and goals - as local, state, and national leaders will set the stage to accelerate smart growth across the city and region.

To learn more or to get involved, send a note to or join us at an upcoming event.