Introducing The 7x Effect

Students are seven times, or 700% more likely to enroll in higher education or soft skills training courses after high school graduation if they have ANY amount of savings set aside in advance. We want to improve pathways to success for learners regardless of circumstance by creating federally insured, interest accumulating college savings accounts that are able to be contributed into by friends, family members, or supporters of given learners. After enrolled in the program, students are invited to participate in community engagement and learning events, given access to hardware and software to promote digital literacy, and connected with a program for mentor mapping and matching upon entering high school. The 7x Effect will be funded by smart city implementations throughout the region set to benefit learners in each respective area. 


7x Effect Step-by-step

  • College savings accounts are created for low or no income students;
  • Digital access and early learning tools are provided;
  • Community engagement opportunities are enabled;
  • Mentor mapping and matching is prompted once students reach high school.

Give First

The 7x Effect is powered throughout the region by companies and municipalities committing 1% (or more) of revenues from smart implementations to the program that helps fund college savings accounts for young learners. The program offers direct access to community events and a network of mentors to help learners pursue paths to personalized success, regardless of circumstance.